Virtualization Strategy & Consulting Services

Businesses are moving to virtualization to capitalize on server usage and make processes more efficient. Virtualization enables segregation and high availability while diminishing the number of systems needed. With our experience in managing, optimizing, securing and supporting intricate, mission-critical data center environments, Kaizen can evaluate, design, deploy and support the right virtualization solution for your IT environment.


Kaizen’s virtualization strategy has four phases:

Analyze and Assess

We review your IT environment in detail, while studying your business needs and objectives. We inspect and report on existing performance data and chart your total cost of ownership (TCO) for both infrastructure and setup expense.

Design and Architect

Upon agreement that virtualization is needed, Kaizen offers a comprehensive project plan that identifies the servers to be virtualized and details the complete strategy for the new environment.


Our experts work closely with you to check, authenticate, configure, deploy and incorporate a new infrastructure. We transform physical machines to virtual machines and combine multiple virtual servers into one physical environment. We ensure the new infrastructure meets your performance requirements, and if necessary, fine-tune it. To help you move forward, we also provide a process guide for management and support.


We offer various levels of support technologies. We work with you to determine the support level best suited to your current workforce and capabilities. We can either help you build a support team, or we can be that support team.