Cloud Transformation

Cloud computing is dramatically changing the IT landscape for service providers and enterprises of every size, in every industry. Kaizen Technology Partners offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud enablement services and implementations, helping your organization enjoy real and measurable economic benefits. Whether you are evaluating private, public or hybrid clouds to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS), Kaizen is ready to help your initiative succeed.

Supporting You at Every Stage

From planning to production, our cloud enablement portfolio includes all of these services and the support required to move your enterprise into the cloud, using:

Cloud Assessment – Evaluate your existing infrastructure and application environments and provide technical and financial assessments of various cloud-based solutions.
Cloud Architecture Development – Architect public, private and hybrid cloud solutions and map their operational support systems.
Cloud Proof of Concepts – Rapidly develop and deploy PoCs to validate and test cloud implementations.
Cloud Migration – Package and migrate both proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf applications to the cloud.
Cloud Operations and Optimization – Manage and monitor operations of public, private and hybrid cloud and their associated applications.

Trust Our Cloud Experience

Kaizen’s engineers, architects and developers support today’s leading cloud and cloud-related technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, VMware, RightScale and Microsoft Hyper. Kaizen helps organizations develop and deploy clouds of various requirements, for a variety of purposes. Here are just a few types of cloud initiatives customers are implementing with our support:

  • Migrating development and testing environment on to the cloud
  • Providing PoC/pilot provisioning on the cloud
  • Employing big data, informatics and analytics
  • Using large-scale web hosting for digital marketing assets
  • Hosting business application