Kaizen Technology Partners is your partner for continuous improvement in technology and processes to address the infrastructure needs of your company, regardless of its size. Our expertise includes:

Cloud computing is dramatically changing the IT landscape for service providers and enterprises of every size, in every industry. Kaizen Technology Partners offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud enablement services and implementations, helping your organization enjoy real and measurable economic benefits. Whether you are evaluating private, public or hybrid clouds to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS), Kaizen is ready to help your initiative succeed.

Kaizen’s architecture and development team has eight years of experience building new and transitioning existing applications.

Kaizen Technology Partners provides a variety of risk mitigation solutions to our customers.

Kaizen has helped customers negotiate with vendors and optimize their spending strategy using our Optimization Process.

Our experts are always available to compliment your business through training, staff augmentation or fully managed services. Depending on your needs and circumstances.

Data centers are complicated to build and maintain and are your largest IT expense. A typical enterprise data center could house thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of storage. The physical infrastructure of your data center must support shifting asset allocation and management technologies, such as virtualization.

Kaizen Technology Partners understands the challenges that storage and data management pose for businesses of all sizes. Many of these challenges are driven and compounded by continued data growth, new and emerging regulations and the seemingly spiraling costs for storing data. The introduction of virtualization technology has further contributed to storage sprawl and increased the complexity of data management.